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M.F.P. Highway Patrol Jacket Type "MAX"
Color / Black
Size / 38(M), 40(L), 42(XL)
Price : US$1,136.00 plus shipping charge from Japan

Shipping charge : It depends on where you live. Due to currency exchange rate,
price is subject to be changed without notice.
Attention to all MADMAX fans!

Finally, the highest quality jacket came out! Second to none detail of this jacket that you have never seen before.
It was not easy for us to reproduce such a style which has unusual design and overthrew the established theory of typical rider's jacket.

This jacket is not only similar to original one but also has a lot of remarkable features. Using Northern Europe made horse hide specially finished for this jacket.
Famous Swiss RIRI's metal series zipper, Dupont's nomex lining, Scovill's button are used.

Horse hide is not only beautiful leather, but also has ability to memorize your body movement into its wrinkles, thus the leather will become to perfectly fit to your body after long use.

We are proud of our workmanship that we are able to introduce this art-like fine jacket to public.
This must be it if M.F.P. Clothing Branch would develop leather jacket for their officers. Our specification should meet to their standard.