PRICE : US$227.00
plus shipping cost from Japan

Number of production : 90 badges (*) Price is subject to change without notice, depending on a currency exchange rate.



We had made many samples with different aspect and detail. As a result of such effort, we finally were able to create the most look-a-like MADMAX movie badge that we believe it is the highest quality ever made and are proud of its detail and touch.
Notice that the color of this badge is little different; we will adjust its color to be like an original badge when we start production.

We will keep the purchaser's record in file with serial number which will be embossed on back of the badge.

The holder is used for carrying a badge on your belt or from your neck with chain, or simply for storage of your valuable badge.
Initially, we though we were going to sell with I.D. case, but we changed to this holder due to high production cost.